My app is crashing and I dont know the reason for it

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Welcome to community. Check that long list in Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components

Checked alrdy that doesnt help me, All places are filled and Did everything to fix it, Please help me Im literally confused

If you wish post here or pm me your aia to give it a look

Which screen crash ?

ICSE, CBSE10,ISC,CBSE12 these screens are opening but on clicking on any button on these screen, it takes me back to SCR1. This is the problem

Any idea ? I really need your help

Screens aren’t switching correctly and you are using old versions of extensions for example dynamic components v 3 when latest is


Start by switching all screens correctly

Can you please change the components required and make it error free and send me the aia, please I request

First change the way you switch screens in all screens you have and if you still face problems report again here

I really cannot understand what to do, please do that for me, I am noob at it Really

I already mentioned start by changing the way you switch screens, change blocks on all 13 screens. For example

Procedure used

blocks - 2022-04-25T212655.724

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I have changed the way of closing screens now it is giving me more errors

I need help please reply.

You have to figure it out. Sorry I can not help more, I suggested the obvious because not switching correctly screens will definately lead to memory issues and app will crash eventually.

It’s not my responsibility to alter your code, it is yours. I can only suggest what might be the problem, for example in #post2

you replied

and then

From a quick look at ICSE screen for example

If you have read Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components then you would have seen

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Can you post your log cat here so we can look at why it’s crashing.

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