My app is crashing due to memory allocation

my app is crashing due to memory allocation Please Help!!

How many screens do you have ?

What is the size of your asset?

Have you searched for the same in community? You will get plenty of suggestion in community, no need to wait for someone to reply. Easily you can get it

30 screens
3-6 Mb Assets
I have Searched but no Help with my problem
Could you help?

30 screens will never help you to compile into apk. Why that much of screens? Try to use arrangements instead of screens

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Sorry to say, no body can help you in this case

In future please search the forum before creating a topic. If you do you will find that having so many screens could cause an issue, or that you might not be switching screens correctly.

keep VERTICAL ARRANGMENT component to make screen inside a screen as @Still-learning told