My App is crashing while Screen switching

Hello everyone, I’m Facing an issue with my app. When i’m Opening my app suddenly at the time of screen switching, my app is crashing… So can someone help me

See the error here

Can you share your blocks especially where you used Vertical_Arrangement4

Do you have warnings or errors with your blocks?

Maybe, Vertical_Arrangement4 does not exist at all.

This is an error. We have to see your .aia file.

Here is Screenshot

There is not any warning, There was showing that ‘circular progress’ not found then i have delete it but after delete there is showing this ‘Vertical arrangement 4’ is not found​:sweat:

Can you also post your designer?

Or, just post your .aia file because sometimes the properties may effect.

Here is .aia file and Screenshot​:innocent:

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In which screen is the error occured?

When app is switching screen1 to Home :roll_eyes:

I think you have too many components there.

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try this… and let me know

i feel that notifier create custom dialogue place is not good so i misplaced it, and i didnt see the error you are telling and i am able to see below ss…

(PS, i have used random mobile number and not mine )

Yes, but i can’t delete any component

Ok so there is problem with Notifier? And may i know that what changes you are made

I moved it to the screen init block. I personally feel both should not come under same button click…

Is it ok now your app? Still Getting any problem ??


It is always better to check the apk crash log instead of figuring the issue.

Remove the In App Review extension of Deep host and then try (I tried the apk and it worked for me) .
I checked the log the error is from that extension.


Remove DeepHost extensions and try again:


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I just realized that aia shared contains paid extension so I removed all files from topic.


oh… me too didnt see that. sorry mam and thanks a lot…

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Me too. I didn’t know that :rofl:

(deleted the .aia file)

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