My app is crashing

Hi, i developed a app in kodular , URL Shortener & Age Calculator & when i export apk in my mobile for test both apps is Auto back / Crashing … all blocks are correct. If anyone know how to solve it than please tell me. I attached Video watch it.


If problem not solved then use logcat and see in log what causes the error.

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Also if you use a clock in Screen1 you have to set it to false when opening a new screen

Screen 1 Clock Time enable is false

Have you checked for empty component’s properties in designer view like About Screen Title ?

Yes i checked nothing is empty

If you wish post or pm me your aia to check it

Problem solved via pm, had to disable disable Timer always fire


me too, while testing using companion, it worked. but when i export with .apk its crash like that. Please help me, because my app for homework at my school.

Have you checked Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components ?

yeah I’ve checked and nothing empty. Can u help me?

If you wish post your aia here so I can check it

Go to project , export selected aia and then upload it here

Error was caused because you didn’t use latest extension version

Try this

FITHOLIX_2.aia (1.1 MB)

hello even my app is crashing in companion it would get stuck and never load and if i export it to apk it will crash
pls help me

You must provide more infos, how many screens, how big is your project , how many assets … extensions used … ?

hi I have only I screen, my apk is 10.32mb but the maximum limit for the apk is 32mb right?
I have 0 assets and I have used personal image classifier extension and countdown timer extension

can i pm you my aia?