[FREE/PAID] BottomMenuZ - Create Animated Bottom Navigation Menu Easily!

yes Exactly!

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no this extension is not based on container. in a easy word you can say its floating in screen

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Thanks but @nikzdevz has already provided a valid solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @nikzdevz,
Sorry for troubling you again but after I compile the app with your extension, the app is crashing.
Please check this video:

AIA: TestMenuz.aia (36.1 KB)
APK: TestMenuz (1).apk (5.2 MB)


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ok let me check this

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Version 2 - Free Version

Here I’m releasing the version 2 of the free version of the extension

New Blocks

Select option - Using this block you can select any option by it index
SetVisibility - Using this block you can toggle visibility of the menu
SetLayerIndex - Using this block you can set index of the bottom menu. I’ve created this block on request as one of the user was was using snack bar and reported be that snackbar got hidden because of btm menu so you can give any small value to manage layering of bottom menu
Refresh - This block must be used inside ScreenOrientation changes as some user reported me that when the orientation got changed bottom menu fades away.

Bug Fixes

  • App crash
  • Orientation Changed
  • BottomSheet and snackbar comes behind bottom menu


Aia - BottomMenuZFree.aia (183.8 KB)
Aix - com.nikzdevz.BottomMenuZFree.aix (28.3 KB)

Special thank to all the user who have reported the bug and supporting this extension


@vivekkabra update the extension to version 2

Whoa! That was really quick!
Thank you so much @nikzdevz.

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Thank you for adding visibility

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Thanks to you too

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Make custom side menu. That’s all

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Sure!! I’ll work on it

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I want to buy this extension

How to fix a bug, if open in pop-up or split sreen view, NOTHING ?

never tested this… I’ll look about it but what is the bug?
is btm menu gets hidden???q

yes, in also this

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Found a bug

It works fine if you rotate screen from portrait to landscape for the first time, but when you re-rotate the screen from landscape to portrait the Bottom Navigation gets hidden.

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Use this block


@nikzdevz im sorry for not reading properly.

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