My app is not getting column from spreadsheet

I am creating an app which gets the device ID from airtable spreadsheet…
If Device ID is already registered, the user will be redirected to home page else, he/she will be redirected to login page…

In my splash Screen, the app does not get/verify data in my airtable spreadsheet…

What to do?

Here are screenshots of:-

1.) Blocks

Where is the block to read or get Device ID ?
If you don’t get the Device ID first since you control it with airtable ?

I have called the Device ID column from airtable in ‘screen initializing’ block…

so sorry, now i see where is Device ID.
I don’t work with Spreadsheet but work with list.
Please (for test) set a label into screen and Spreadsheet got column set Labet1 Text get global Device ID. Check the values on label (i’m sure) you get (xxxxxxxxx) (xxxxxxxxx) (xxxxxxxxx) (xxxxxxxxx).
In that case you need to delete ( ) from the list first and next search if the ID are in the list
blocks (14)

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Actually I already got solution…I have searched for Device utilities- ID but not Device utilities- Device ID

Thnx for the support

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