My app is not responsive and not showing material icons

My app is not responsive in Android 10 and not showing material icons on it can any one test my app
Device_info.apk (9.8 MB)

If you use default material icon font, may be, may not work just download the font from web, upload to the asset and select that font in the required components and test

Material Icon font

ok thank you what can I do for responsive problem can you test my app please

I did test it and screen is not scrollable so I can not see all sensors in my phone. See how it looks on my Xiaomi Mi A1

thanks for testing screen is not scrolling only sensors section scrolling
what can i do for api card view

what you have did for I the same do for II


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Ok I will do thank you​:blush:

When I’m using this front also isn’t showing icons

What is the name of the material icon?

Check_circle,share,star_boarder and public

Material_Icons.aia (157.0 KB)

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Those 3 ? Are they visible in companion ?


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Yes but in onother phone with Android 10 not showing them it shows text only

In this screenshot showing a big green color tick I used “public” material icon in there

Another way is to download image and use it as background

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Ok I will try that

In your phone it is working check_circle I think erro in my phone if any other can test app I can confirm that.

Was the given AIA working for you or That too shows the same prob

In my phone

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The image size are too big it seems. Try to use scale to picture, if it label do not use percentage value instead use automatic