My app is not uploaded in PLay store

i am edit aia file in makeroid but this app is not uploded in playstore why

Well you call yourself technical_khan. :sunglasses:

With so little information we can not help you. You have to tell more.


Lol I agree with @Peter.

Anyway, in short, the upload process is:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up for a Developer account (you need to pay $25)
  3. Visit your Play Console (same URL as above)
  4. Create new application
  5. Fill in Store Listing details and upload APK
  6. Release

Some Notes that can help

You will need an app icon, a Google Play banner etc. in order to complete your creation of the application.

Release process can take up to a few hours until the system reviews your apk file and releases to the Google Play Store.

oh welcome to india !!