My app is rejected my Mi app store

Please tell me mi apps store saying virus and also rejected

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Earning apps are not allowed

It is not earning apps WhatsApp groups app but also rejected others app also in mi

Ask mi apps store for info. The rejected your app.

He already sayed mi store rejected reason saying ** virus **

Bro as i already answered this question 100 times that Mi store always reject all the application by showing reason that your app contains virus. So don’t try to upload app on mi store. All apps will be rejected & the reason is App contains virus…
@sikhkhalsa486 & @Androking

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He is saying

That are two different things to me.

So there was a virus and it was rejected. If they think it has a virus you should contact them and say that they are wrong.

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I already tried this. But no answer…

Mi app saying

Your app didn't pass our review for the following reasons:

1. The application exists a virus, and the virus detection software is: Download the installation package, Tencent computer housekeeper reported poison: a.gray.inventor.a: After the software is installed, it is suspected of having a risk code, be wary of downloading unknown files privately, please use as needed.

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