My app Keeps Crashing

my app keeps crashing

i can’t share aia because i have used paid extension in it.

here is blocks


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First error:


If you don’t make the timer stop, it does what’s inside continuously without stopping.
Here’s continuously opening the “home” screen.
You must stop the timer with Timer Enabled=false

Look to switch screens correctly:

Cambiar entre pantallas Otro Metodo


try changing those, because you are locking side menu before setting a menu, and also dont use if again after if update available.

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Ok i will try it. And thanks for your suggestion

I will also try it and thank you very much for your suggestion

Thank You my problem is solved but my aia file aren’t loading from airtable db i have set all blocks, api, base id, table name but my files aren’t loading

If you use airtable you have to be careful that all the cells of your columns are filled with some data. If a cell doesn’t have data, you don’t get the data for the whole column.

If a column has only one empty cell, with no data, you cannot get any value. It must always have a value.

This doesn’t work:
columns empty cells

thank you very much friend you have solved my big problem

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