App stopping working

when clicking on any button being them “perfil_alterar_usuario, perfil_alterar_email, perfil_alterar_senha” the application stop responding, i have tested on multiple phones and in all the application stop responding and asks to min restart or close the application, do not know what else I can do to fix it

(I believe that the error is at the bottom, because the top and referring only to the sidemenu and the responsive font, and i’m sorry for the name of the components, i Portuguese so so and better for me to understand


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words that can help in understanding:

senha = password
usuario = user
alterar = change
perfil = profile
titulo = title
dados = data


please translate the error in English


Yes please describe error in English.

“Show Continuously fails”


Are these all your blocks? Is it only on this screen that this happens? Did you read, here in the community, about the possible reasons for app crash?

Have you tried to deactivate one block after another and test each one until you find the block that is the cause of the crash?

So… even with the code all disabled (from the button) when clicking on the button without any code the app still stop respondingcodigo desativado

I did tests with a button instead of a clickable caption and it worked normally, I have no idea why the caption makes the app stop

Friend, it’s not to disable everything. It is to disable one block at a time. Then another block … another block …

Did You Read topics above ?