App Crashing on button Click

app crashing when place order button click. I just completed this app after many months of hard work, it was perfectly working before but not now, even I didn’t make any changes in this screen. Please give a solution.

Hard to say whats wrong only with that image

Again…Don’t do it with the if…true block, do it with a procedure instead. See


Explain why not

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I do not know, but for me, I always use this method for this kinda things:

U are using if true without pointing out what is true or false,

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@Yoshi @ice Guys, FYI this is how it has been done for ages, some are using it and some don’t, so now we can leave at that…

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And the reason is…

But then you can’t say do not use, it works perfectly on both methods.

Wrong. Example, if you have a variable x with the value 1 and do this:

if x==1

It will return True, and that is the same as

if True

Back to the question, nothing is wrong with your blocks at all. Perhaps you might want to make another AIA with the same program (blocks) and see if the issue persists.

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Yeah, ok. I just never use this method bc I tought it was wrong to kode like this. Thx for opening my eyes again!
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If true Close screen Open another screen
This is right


app was working fine with this block before, even i made another same app which is working perfectly with this block. but the app i posted , start crashing from last week. strange. wait i am sharing video of app crash in case of simple block (attached image) Repeating again app was working fine before, another app working fine with this :point_down: block

ok go with this simple blocks, it still crash. it was working fine from the first day of developing. crash starts in last 3-4 days. i am not able to figure out the problem