Crash app - lists firebase

I’m trying to create 3 lists, one with names. one with prices and one with images, however when entering the app, even without running the taglist, the app stops working, (the firebase block is already configured with token, link and projectbucket), I tried to recreate the screen, and export it to another project, but without success

Please show your firebse data structure

everything was registered from another app made on kodular.


On When Got Tag List Use This Method

Instead of joining roupas with the value variable (which is a list) join it with the item variable.
Anyways, the project bucket should be something like : Rouupas/Casmisabranca
Means you should add a / as a separator.
BTW, welcome to the community !

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tks, shouldn’t that work?

May be, i didn’t test it, what about you?

Right @Mohamed_Tamer Im tested this method set project bucket like

then call get value and set tag = item and call get value only once :relaxed:

keeps closing the application

This block will not retrieve any values