My app keeps stopping

hello guyz my first time raising a query so sorry if i break any guidelines
i have made an app it was working perfectly fine till 2 weeks ago today when i downloaded and checked it on my android phone it didnt open and showed app keeps stopping it works perfectly fine in companion
i have checked all other threads still cant solve the problem here’s the file

Vesta.aia (148.6 KB)

Vesta_Screen1.ais (8.4 KB)

Vesta_Screen2.ais (19.4 KB)

Vesta_howtostart.ais (2.6 KB)

I noticed that you use spinners in your app. Elements from String in Spinner should not be empty because this leads to the crash


If after changing that app still crash check this long list


About Screen Title is also empty in all screens. Fill those fields also.



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