My app not work in background please help

my blocks please help how to upload file background

You forgot to add the argument x in procedure background
Also why do you start the upload twice?
First in HorizontalArrangement3.Click and then again in procedure background?


i do but not working

Remove that FS.Upload procedure
You are already uding it in HorizontalArrangement3.Click
Also you can’t use global variables in the background, see the itoo guidelines
Btw what kind of component or extension is FS?
It might be you additionally need an evaluate but ignore result FS block before registering the event
See the itoo guidelines and example itoo projects


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What? :thinking:

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This your extension link @vknow360 & I want to use this extension in background

When I upload any file it’s upload but in Event FSA1.UploadProgress it now working in background

Try this awesome extension which can help you to run procedures in background.

I tried but not working

You might show us your relevant blocks.

It looks like you changed your user name here in the community, Why?

there is no argument x in procedure background anymore… why did you remove it again?

Also follow the guidelines of how to use itoo…read the first post here Open Source • Background Tasks: Itoo 🚀 - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community


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Since those blocks aren’t from Kodular I advise you to ask it in community of that builder, mostly because builders work differently and getting answers here may not work there…