My App published on playstore become hang while using it

I have created an app on play store. I checked that apk file. it was working very well, but when I published that on playstore then after downloading it from playstore its not working.

What is not working?

sorry sir,
but full app become hang. sometimes show error “Stack 8 mb” or similar.

And did you search the forum with that information

Do you use large images in your app? You still don’t provide any info expect your error message.

Sir please check my app.
I have used some images in my app but no image is of more than 60kb. I have used some sounds as well. and similarly size of any sound is not more than 60kb.

I don’t have time to check every apk or aia i get offered. That’s why you have to provide your info and blocks here. So others can also look at it.

Imagesize in kb is not necessarily the problem. How big are they in pixelsize?

Again. Show more info if you want help.

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Thank You Sir @Boban
I am very thankful to you. May you got success more and more in right way.

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