My App show blank white screen

Hi everyone,

My App already in play store ( ). Yesterday i modified app and copied screens. After all work done I installed app in mobile. When my app run it’s shows only blank white screen. Please help me.


If you show your blocks, then we can help you

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Are you sure your the components on your screen are visible and not hidden?

It’s hidden!!! You mean “Display hidden components in Viewer”???

I mean that you set the components you want to see to visible

Can you send me screenshot I’m not understand. Which component to visible

Sorry!!! I asked to @Sander…Im not understand actually which component to visible

Like a horizontal arrangement. Is the visibility proportie set to visible?

Yes. That is visible. Only I invisible Vertical arrangememt I used for side menu container

Then you should look thru all of your app in order to find the error

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Thank you. I solved the Problem. Just Login screen menu option did invisible.

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