My app some time crushed

My application specializes for pharmacist student, Depends on the pictures " user write and choose name of prescription"

I put ads in it and publish it on the app store
after installing it every thing work well , but some times it stop when ad interstitial loaded

I think because wrong ad implementation

My implementation like this … Put ad interstitial loaded on next btn “when user choose correct answer” … for order not to loaded an ad every time i use block
If index=2 then call ad loaded
If index=5 then call ad loaded … ect “i have 100 image and ad loaded according to index every 3rd image”
When loaded call show … “dont use block when ad closed”

My question my app crushed due to wrong ad implementation or due to other cause ?! , If due to

Note1…in first works well but after 10-12 picture when ad loaded according to index …app crush and sudden closed
Note2… i check empty bug and every thing is good

Who would want to use an app like that with so many ads?

I thought that this was the correct way to advertise… If I am wrong, what is the correct way to ad interstitial implementation for my application?

I dont like ads so i never use them.


Many Admob is prevent you from loading an Ad because of to much in a certain Time. You have to check if an error occurred or the loading failed and skip the Ad.

But try to use ads to reward the user with extra content not to prevent the User to see or access your Images.

No one’s likes Pop-Up Ads that block your Content.

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