My app suspended for Deceptive Behavior policy

Hi @ritwikmondal66 welcome to Kodular Community
What is your app related to?
Have your app a privacy policy page?
As mentioned in google reply ‘user’ word is used so may be it is related to users privacy.

Ya app have privacy policy page.
Please help me …
What documents verification???

App is no longer available on Google play store… app has been suspended.
Please help me :sob::sob::sob:

See this screenshots … please help me

Please share details of your app so that we can help you out better.

my app is scratch app. scratch and earn app . after publice i add signin and login option and upldat my app .

i dnt add privacy policy link on google play store . but app is publice

after apple . they email that need to docomen verification ??/
i dnt knw what docoment ??/

I don’t think scratch and earn apps are allowed on the Play Store.
As far as what I understand, you have to send them a document explaining how you get money, and how you send users their money. You will also have to include proof that your app doesn’t employ banned ad practices (like repeatedly showing ads to users and compelling them to click on the ads).

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how can i get document , please help me

The problem is that earning apps are not allowed by Google and Kodular also.
Maybe they want screenshots or app demo video to ensure that your app is not doing any illegal activity.

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ya ofcose my is not dowing illegal activity .
how to solve this problem , how to restart plesae help

But you should tell Google.
Anything which ensures them will help you.
Make a video about how to use your app and send them.
Also you can search on Google.

i tale , but they need doucment verify , how can it solve please

Give them enough proofs, attach 5-6 proofs in one reply. Get official document from Kodular team that your app is following all the rules (Kodular team won’t support Earning apps)

How can I get official document from kodular team ?

Once i was creating apps using Appy Pie, my app got suspended i don’t remember the reason then i contacted the Appy team and they provide me official document.
Take look on this Deceptive Behavior | Privacy, Security, and Deception - Developer Policy Center
Read every reason properly.

My app suspended for Deceptive Behavior policy

According to Google Play’s latest policy update, if an app has any sort of gambling, then you have to explain the odds of winning.!?zippy_activeEl=dfs#dfs

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What was your package name?

Scratch and earn? interesting

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