My app with web database does not work

The code performs locally. When I switch from locally to web server, it does not run.
Variable C_mes does not exist
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Rogerio, what exactly is not working? Your code in PHP or your app when using the PHP code?

Hello. In the tests of the PHP code, I noticed that the names of the tables have to be all in small. I circled within PHPADMIN online and came to that conclusion. But the error persists.
PHP code in web host:
$c_cpf = $_POST[‘c_cpf’] ;
$c_anoletivo = $_POST[‘c_anoletivo’];
$db = new Db();
$sqlBusca ='SELECT alunos.cnomealu,tbdiario.cn1,tbdiario.cn2, tbdiario.cn3,tbdiario.cn4,tbmateria.cabrev FROM ';
$sqlBusca .='tbdiario INNER JOIN alunos ON alunos.ncodaluno=tbdiario.ncodaluno ';
$sqlBusca .='INNER JOIN tbementa ON tbdiario.ccodementa=tbementa.ccodementa ';
$sqlBusca .='INNER JOIN tbmateria ON tbmateria.ncodmat=tbementa.ncodmat ‘;
$sqlBusca .=‘INNER JOIN tbturma ON tbementa.ncodtur=tbturma.ncodtur ‘;
$sqlBusca .=‘WHERE alunos.ccpf="’.$c_cpf.’" and tbturma.cletivo="’.$c_anoletivo.’" Order by tbmateria.cnomemat ';

Already changed :

  • table names for minuscule
  • single quotes for double
  • ’ .$c_anoletivo. ’ to " ‘.$c_anoletivo.’ " (because the fields values ​​are strings)
  • $c_anoletivo variable name to $x_anoletivo

Hello people. After stopped 3 months, I went back to trying to make the KODULAR app access remote mysql database. The problem was: the version of PHP that was installed on the server did not recognize the function, mysqli_connect () from PHP. This generated the “Call to undefined function mysqli_connect ()” error. I got this error by running the PHP file inside the server folder. My idea is to have a local client server desktop system also supplying a remote database. This remote bank will be accessed by a Kodular app.

yes you can do this, but on the desktop a web server must be running…
you could look into XAMPP

see also App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps


Good morning. I already use XAMPP, so the app ran locally on XAMPP and it did not run on the remote server. I discovered that it was the PHP version installed on the remote server. The version did not recognize the myslqi_connect function. After changing the PHP version, it ran Ok, doing a SQL query, super fast, with 4 tables (Inner Join) where the main table has more than 100.000 records. Thank You.

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