My Apps is not Opening!

My Apps Name is Homeworkout

Its a Fitness Training Apps with admob ads.

Apps Link:-

My Problem is that, the apps is not Opening.Please See the apps And Give me a Solution

if the App is not Opening what can we see.

we need to have a look at your Blocks for the Solution.


You have used wrong category, it should be #discuss


This may help:

Why my device isn’t compatible?

You have made you’re app with MIn SDK 29, this means that it will only work on devices with Android 10+


Iam extremely Sorrry For that issue

Play store targeted Api 29. I will Updated it soon at lower api

Do you followed this suggestion

I deleted your aia. It contains a payed extension. It is not allowed to share aia’s that contain payed extensions.

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There is difference between targeted API and minimum API.

Apps build from Kodular has targeted API 29 so no need to set it manually.

You are trying to set minimum API 29 as targeted API thats why it is not supporting in devices other than android 10.

So set your minimum API to lower version.

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