My bad experience

Today I am telling our 2 month experience with makeroid.
Before using makeroid I use thankable .

Now i feel on this time thankable is more than better maakeroid because many resion

first that when you open any old project in thankable it open in 20 sec without any bug and problem
but here makeroid i feel that when you open any old project than wait and wait some time it open after long time but some time its not open even you try 100 times. so waste of time.its frustrating.

i am agree with that makeroid give lots of component and feature more than thankable but end of end what use of this feature when not open it timely and not work .

an the end i am use thankable and happy with us because now thankable update to our system in 26 api label.


Makeroid apps have a target SDK of 27 and has done since we relaunched in June. Makeroid was the first builder to meet this requirement.

We are aware of this and we are working to improve the loading speed of projects.

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always your this response that We are aware of this and we are working to improve the loading speed of projects

I’m not in anyway trying to be defensive Conor, but of course his response is gonna be that they’re working on it, if you knew Web Development more you’d understand it’s not a toy and to fix certain things it takes awhile. If you don’t have patience go somewhere else until it’s fixed otherwise, just stop complaining, you were here what like 1 month, I don’t even know if the first month I complained, the title is unneeded, Makeroid is a wonderful experience for people who know how to use it, and it’s just like being at other distros. Except, Makeroid is compared to things that are to be, completely honest, more worse then what Makeroid will and ever could be. Makeroid is a good thing and I support the project a whole ton as it was a huge success, somehow, I really think they’re in the Illuminati but, discard that. So be patient and I said if you don’t have any, go somewhere else, just like No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service, they won’t serve you if you’re gonna be impatient.


@Diego said that it will take some time to fix. i didn’t say its urgent but in my opinion it should fix before component update? coz we can wait for new components but slow loading and freeze make unstable to use the builder :sweat:

i am not blam to anybody . its my feedback and experience .

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Well, then you should read a little bit more on the community…

I’ve already said that we located the bug that made loadtime in projects so long
And as @Conor said, we were the first builder implementing Target SDK 26 (we currently have 27). So you can’t blame us with that…


It’s been almost a month since we’ve had to wait a very long time to open a project!
I’m very demotivated every time I want to work on my application, I know I’ll have to wait 15 minutes first, so I prefer to do something else!
This is really a very important problem, you should focus on it to solve it as soon as possible!
I wish you good luck!

@Vishwas Is probably going to fix the load time issue on Friday definitely
If everything goes OK, we will just make some tests and release 1.0.5 with it fixed

And @ProKoders can prove that we located the issue and we were able to reduce load time in the beta server…


Cool! I can’t wait !

I am waiting of 1.0.5 version

You have to wait for the fix :relaxed: @sk786

@sk786 Can you check again if it’s as slow as usual? :wink: