My blocks got Mixed Up All, please help

i was working on my project and when i switched the screen and when i came back the the main screen the block section was massed up

and showing this error

please help me what is wrong with this

I think your network is week so the newly made changes is not stores properly in project. Also ser the number of errors…

Why this much?

the network is fine i have rechecked that and these error are showing after switching screen before that everything was normal

please some one give me back my p

and one more thing is i havent made any new changes i was working in other project when i finished that project then i came here and i switched the screen from screen 1 to main screen(the error one) after that i just got all of my blocks and my 20 days work pissed off. please can some one give me back my project or can undo the changes .
and the problem is coming in just one screen other screen are working fine

Probably you project got corrupted, this is why backup your project is very important. Unfortunately I don’t think you can get back the corrupted screen.

This also happened to me
Reloading the screen works sometimes
Check the blocks, which extension is missing. Like I can see ImageScale extension is missing. So just upload this extension and try to come back to this screen or reload the page after uploading the extension and then check this screen

i didnt knew that this can be also happen :cry:

no i can get back with the help of kodular staff when earlier i joined kodular (appybuilder) i have faced the same problems like messing up all blocks, but kodular staff gave back my project they just undo the past changes, please let me know if you know anyone can help me

thank you soo much buddy
something is not ok with that image scaling extension
i re-uploaded that and deleted that previous one after that reloaded the screen
and boom everything got back at their position

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Each project, when completed, download it in ais format to your computer to avoid these events

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due you mean to say aia format?

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Yup After having this problem, the first thing i did backup all of mu project and now
iam gonna repeat this thing daily

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