My Clock 🕒 app with support for world clock and weather

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Modern - Clock pro

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soooo… yes it’s a paid app not really looking to make money from it, just wanting to test how paid apps work an the PlayStore and the algorithms and so on…

this app is focused on design and looks but still does most of the things you need it to do :slight_smile:

I’m still learning how to make apps, I’d call my self a designer not even a developer, and I have a long way ahead of me…

This app has 4 main pages Clock, Timer, Stopwatch, and the Settings tab

The Clock tab is a very simple modern clock that shows the current time, gives you weather information at your location, and provides you with access to all the clocks of the world in one click.

The Timer tab is a basic timer up to 24h, it has some cool animations and has a very simple design that goes straight to work without any extras.

The Stopwatch tab is a very accurate stopwatch that counts in milliseconds, it starts at touch down to be as instantaneous as possible. (soon laps functionality will be added)

Lastly the Settings tab allows you to switch between white and dark modes, and it’s not just dark and light it is actually 100% black, ability to choose to follow the system theme, change to 24h format, show seconds on main clock, show weather or hide it and change the unit of measurement.

Please consider contacting me if you find any bugs or missing features instead of giving a low rating to my app :slight_smile:

thank you for your interest I hope you enjoy this app I worked hard on it :black_heart:


App Store/Download link:

I would love to hear from you guys what’s your thought and what I can change to improve it…
just give a LIKE and get the code


I like your UI . Keep making apps

You’re not excepting messages here’s your code



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Thank you…

Nice work… small suggestion. When i made changes in settings, your snap bar background too is white so i feel it is not comfortable for me… just see. to that…

Also if i change the date format 24hr to 12 and restart the app , again it shows 24 hr instead of 12hr.

Remaini functions are too good.

Especially zoom in/out while start/reset timer

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If your app uses Clock components, the timer / stopwatch will be very imprecise and - device dependent - lose almost 1 second per minute. Try it out and let the it run against a chronometer.

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I didn’t even know about that I think my phone fixes the color of it automatically and doesn’t depend on the app… great point

aha I’ll fix that

Thanks for your kind words

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I’ll keep that in mind I think the stopwatch isn’t effected by that as it takes a point in time and just keeps calculating the difference between the current time and the start time

Timer tho might be broken if that’s true I’ll check it out… thanks for the feedback.

You may be wrong here :point_down:

The stopwatch :point_up: literally skipped A Minute :exploding_head:

Multiple timers at a time? :point_down:

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alright so that needs fixing :rofl::rofl:

come to think about it uploading the app here was the greatest decision I made so many bugs I didn’t notice… much appreciated :heart:

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Now that you are happy with your decision and with the bugs coming in, why not one more :point_down: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What the edit/cancel button for after deleting the world clock? :thinking:

Also some suggestions if you would like to consider

  1. The white color (light theme) is too bright, according to me. Look for a slight greyish shade if possible

  2. The world clock picker doesn’t matches the rest of the theme of your app. Change it if possible to match with the apps theme

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actually I knew about this one and kept it for another day because adding a stroke to cards and removing it is super buggy, I’ll see what I can do about it

I have it on my todo list already

Wold or World?



NICE UI BEST :kodular:oder

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I checked the Timer on one of my test devices (Android 11) and did a 5 min countdown: like I said, it loses 5 sec.

Here’s a test app that doesn’t lose a single millisecond. Not even if the countdown runs for days or weeks and not even if the app is in the background or the device is in idle mode.

precise_countdown.apk (5.2 MB)


is there a tutorial or explanation on how it’s done?

wow. I really love the way you presented and linked the pages with different clock functions. Way to Go. I was searching for the same thing for learning purposes. where can I watch the complete step-by-step creation of this app?

Way to go. GG​:heart::ok_hand:

I’m sorry I wasn’t very active on the community due to work…

I didn’t actually make any step by step geuides for this app and it still needs some work just couldn’t find the time to fix it sadly

can you drop link this file ?