My first app available on playstore - Pustaka Dayah | Maktabah Free

What is the name of your app?

Pustaka Dayah | Maktabah free

Describe your app:

Pustaka Dayah is an Islamic library containing around hundreds of thousands of books on Islamic science in Arabic language.This App is specifically for Islamic students to facilitate their learning process.


App Store/Download link:

I am aware, my application is still lacking, please give me your suggestions.


Thank you so much to all extension developers, without all of you we wouldn’t have gotten this far. May God repay your kindness.


Congratulations for your app.It’s ui really looks good :+1:

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Thanks you :grin:

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The UI looks good! Unfortunately I don’t understand any of the Arabic language D:

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Thanks you @WatermelonIce this is thanks to community support.
Thanks to kodular


For books display which extension or component you used

to display text or paragraph ho we can display in screen can you please advsie

@gamerak1314 explain your meaning. !
In my app, the most important extension is SQLite

@ibnudjamil33 Nice UI
Congrats for your 1st app…:smiley:

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