My first app on google play

please download my first app on google play and rate it
This application sends timely reminders to encourage users to drink water at regular intervals, fostering healthy hydration habits. It also provides insightful visualizations of daily, weekly, and monthly water consumption, allowing users to monitor their progress and make informed adjustments to their water intake

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To give people an idea of what your app is all about, please provide a short description here.

I modified it

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How often would I have to drink with this app? Can I adjust the amount?

my app on google play and more than 10.000 download, can i post my app here ?

Yes, you can post it

Do you notify the user to drink water and does the user create an account?

yes, i notify the user to drink water but the user can’t create account because user doesn’t need that

This is an application I taught myself and wrote in Kodular. Thank you to the forum for helping me complete the application
My application is used to look up ID, part code, part name, price list and technical drawings for motorbikes
If possible, support my application by rating 5 stars, thank you very much