My first app on play store

What is the name of your app?

Famous monuments

Describe your app:

My App is about Famous monuments of India and world. The details about the monuments are displayed in four languages (Hindi, English, French & Spanish). The application also supports audio in four languages as described.

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Please share you reviews to my app


Congratulations. Improve it’s UI

thanks i will work on it

@FIKIR_KUMESI what is the reason of thumbs down please tell

add screenshots

1 Like Your application is nice but I couldn’t like it very much.

first add some more language support
for example turkish :grinning:

second, add more monuments and don’t limit your app to it.
for example, you can add a few monuments from Istanbul, ayosofya mosque or maiden’s tower etc. :wink:

your suggestion is good but this is my first app on play store

then a super app congratulations

thank you!

@FIKIR_KUMESI i thought about your suggestion but i think you are thinking that monuments and language only from your country are important

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :star_struck:
he was just an example

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