My first App with Kodular


I’ve been on Kodular for a couple of months and I now have something to show for it! My App is a game called Global Hangman and the link can be found below. The idea is to build up a streak of solved hangman puzzles without losing your lives. There are two mini-games, where you can win coins, which will help you buy extra hearts for future streaks!

I have a global high score, which displays the users name and current score to beat!

Extension used: TaifunPlayer. This solved my music looping error :).

If you do choose to download my game, you don’t need to worry about annoying ads every few seconds! The only ads in the whole game are optional rewarded ads, which would enable you to gain extra games on the wheel or scratchcards.

I would welcome any feedback, good or bad. I don’t have a great knowledge, but I’m learning with each app I make :slight_smile:




Nice… good job Try to make ui more attractive …


Great app :+1:

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Add some screenshots about your app


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How did you do the wheel? :sweat_smile: