My first App 😍😍😍

Hello Everyone ,

Today I have successfully completed a app which I have been working for last 3 months I know the ui is not that much good , but I want you all to please try it once it is a school management app Please review it and give it a try to check if any bug is there

Here are some screenshots

Thank u

Any suggestions are most welcome

Stjohnsschool.apk (9.5 MB)


And where’s the app(apk) to try?

BTW, Congrats for your first app!


Where is your app? Please add App Screenshots, Details and Link.


Here it is Stjohnsschool.apk (9.5 MB)
Btw sorry I totally forgot to give the apk file

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Hahaha :smile:

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Don’t forget to right swipe in app and check menu :grinning:

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First thing. You need to put a way to see the β€œTerms and Conditions”.

Second, Set the Sign Up layout when the user first open your app or has not made an account.

Third, make the Sign Up option more visible.

Fourth, Validate the data before you put the β€œUploading Data” notification, because there is no way to cancel that notification and I got stuck there.

Fifth. Put the requirements for each field as a Hint, because how I am supposed to know that the minimum characters for a password are 6 letters, and again I am stuck in the Uploading Data notification.

Sixth. After a user Sign Up, send the verification code to complete the registry and let the user know that in the screen, because you only show a short toast message of what is going on. Also, let know the user to use a valid email address because you are going to send the Verification Code.

Also, The image is substracting space that could help you improve the UI. The image appears as the icon, and the splash screen, I don’t think you need it for the rest of the layouts.

I only got to the OTP part, so when you improve the app, I will gladly test the rest of it.


Sure I will definitely work on your suggestions and improve the app

Thank you for your suggestions I really appreciate you for helping me in improving this app :pray:

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You still need improvement. Users can sign up using blank data. For instance, check your database for [email protected] com and all it’s related information. You will find them blank. :wink:

Also just a suggestion with that Call log permission that you app require, it would be pretty hard to publish it in Playstore.
You can use activity starter instead.
Check community as there are many topic related to this.


Thank u Vaibhav I have seen the error and working on it and I will also try to remove that permission and will use activity starter for that :pray: I am really thankful that you have spend time on my app

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In my view, being an app where only students are interested, I would make the app read the registration of students enrolled in the school database. The student downloads the app installs. At login, he types the registration to enter the app on his smartphone.
The student registers at school. And these data will be used to access the App.


I will like to thank you all for your suggestions I hve worked on it and I am presenting you all the improve version of my app more suggestions are welcome hoping for your support
App - New.apk (9.1 MB)

I have worked on ui and used Lottie hope you all will like it don’t forget to give it a try


Please inform about any bug found

I have a question, did you use percentage or pixels and is it scalable to all devices (cell phones and tablets)?

I have used percent and it automatically adjust according to screen
@Vaibhav @Rogerio_Rios @mayoiha @Hadi_Editz @Italo @Umesh_Kahar i want a suggestion from you i have distributed some copy of my app to my friends to test and they said that the app takes time while login and signup is it true ?Did you also face this prblm ??


One bug: When signing up, If I enter a short password, it shows a message the password should be 6 character or longer and the app freezes with the notification UPLOADING DATA forever.

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When entering the OTP, don’t make it hidden like a password. It’s usually visible in other apps.

I just got in and it shows me a notification with the Thought of the day, which is empty and is frozen there. I can’t close it. EDIT: Sorry, yes I can close it by clicking on the thumbs up, but that doesn’t look like a button. That’s why I thought it was frozen there.

Other than that, it looks good. One question: Why do you need people to sign in with login and password just to give them information about events? Looks like you could post those events and don’t require any info at all.


Thank u for your suggestions I will try to improve the app can u tell how was your login experience ?

Other than that freeze when I entered a short password, it was fast and easy.

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Thank you I will enable cancellation for that dialog
@Italo actually I will add video uploading and video viewing as well as many new features which will require login and not only event and notice my app also provide a feedback form account profile setup homework it is visible in side menu I think you have not checked there…thank you for your suggestion

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