My First Published App in Kodular(Sure Tips)

(Essiaw Albert) #1

Betting Tips - Winning Sport Predictions

Betting Tips App brings you the best sports predictions with high success rate.
Betting tips are updated daily with only the best and highest possible guaranteed games.
our Sports predictions spans across Football,tennis,basketball and volleyball tips.
All winning sports predictions comes from great insight and experience professional tipsters who puts their heads to work to make sure you win.

Download, Share and Rate 5 Stars if you are excited. Win Big!!!

Extensions used: Deep host Pdf viewer( this feature is limited to only android Api 21+) since it doesn’t support all devices

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(Boban Stojmenovic) #2

I have to try this one out as I’m gambler addicts


(Essiaw Albert) #3

Welcome to the Winning Team! Tips from Verified Pro Tipsters! Don’t forget to rate and share!

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(Boban Stojmenovic) #4

The app itself looks superb

However, two issues on my phone Samsung Note 8

  • Navigation Bar is hidden and with that white part is shown instead
  • I’m unable to scroll in sidemenu


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(Essiaw Albert) #5

ok thanks for the feedback bro. the side menu works well when app is in testing mode and app is installed directly on phone but if downloaded from the stores(playstore or amazon) the scroll function of the side menu suddenly ceases to work. i dont know if this is a playstore problem or a kodular problem.because it works well until downloaded from the stores

(Essiaw Albert) #6

@Mika @Diego @pavi2410 please can you help approve admob in the panel for this app. Thank you. it have been one week since i made a request and ads have not been approved. Ads loads from only those installed from playstore but does not work for Amazon or any other store unless you approve in admob panel. kindly find attached notes added to my request in the panel. Counting on your support!

(Esinti Eser) #7

nice app. Could you share aia file with us?

(Essiaw Albert) #8

Thanks for the complement! i really appreciate it


Could you please not share the aia with us and keep it to yourself?

(Essiaw Albert) #10

Ok Big brother! and Thank You too

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(Boban Stojmenovic) #11

Update: Actually, I can now but main only at specific part of the layout, green I can drag and scroll, red no, see the image below


Don’t know if it’s any idea to hide it as you don’t gain any extra pixels


(Essiaw Albert) #12

Please i have made some updates! Kindly update to the new version in playstore and let me get your feedback on how it working for you. Thank you

(Boban Stojmenovic) #13

Unfortunately, no change.

Finally confirmed by Mika


(Essiaw Albert) #14

Thank you for the Feedback brother. honestly, it means a lot to me