My Game is not working

I am making an app since a week ago (5 screens) in the code side, it is perfect but it doesn’t
work on the Companion.

These are the Code blocks.

Code blocks

blocks (9)

blocks (12)

blocks (11)

blocks (10)

So can anyone help me? The Quiz app loads the question, checks the answer and repeats itself. The problem or bug is that it never loads the questions between 2 and 4, directly jumps to Question 5. It never checks the answers.
Thank you in advance

The project would be more efficient if you could tell me how to insert :point_down: the component event block inside an :arrow_double_down: for each number block
blocks (13)

i think you should call “start” function when any button clicked(after the set global Check to true), not when screen intialized

A very nice tutorial that will help you understand why looping does not work in your code can be found in Pura Vida Apps

A Multiple Choice Quiz: How to work with the advanced features

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@Asd_fasd If I do that it will continue the whole procedure when 1 button is clicked

I dont think you have showed us your full blocks…

@Still-learning I have showed all the blocks

How many buttons are you are using > Can you show your designer part?

Try like this, simple one, I hope you should not use local variable in your case…

When screen intialized it call “Start” and it is not usefull because “Check” is false at the beginning. So when screen intialized your function check is “Check” is true? And everytime it will speak sorry incorrect because “Check” is false. Thats all. Actually when any doesnt do something here. You should change your blocks to check whether answer is correct on every click

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Using only 4 buttons. I have shown the designer screen.:arrow_down:

Thanks, I will check and let you know.

You can try with above said blocks , it will function properly…

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