My game made with Kodular, and some tips for the community

Hi everyone!

I am kind of new in kodular, but I have been building apps in AppyBuilder for a long time.

I want to present you a game I made in Kodular in its entirety, using Phase to do animations and currently I’m trying to implement the Google Play Game Services.

What I’m trying to share here, is how to improve your own apps aesthetics User Interface (UI) to make it easier to use.

My game is this:

It is a simple sequence game to test the user’s memory and improve it, and other minigames. But there is a twist, you can play randomized so every sequence will be different and will add 1 extra movement every time you do it right.

Here is the GooglePlay link so you can try it if you want:

I am not a Graphic Designer by any means, but I have spent a lot of time watching youtube tutorials and reading books to understand elemental keys to make a goodlooking UI. I recommend visiting “Humble Bundle” to check for great programming and graphic design books very cheap.

First, you will need a Color Palette (if you already have your app idea). Remember that colors can transmit feelings, so try reading about “Color Theory” to understand better this concept. Use that knowledge to create your color palette. I use the page because it gives you nice color palettes, with complementary and opposite colors.

My personal recommendation is not using saturated colors, because it is hard to see for a long time. And remember, Contrast is King.

When choosing a Font, I use Google Fonts, because they are free and there are a lot to use. If your app has a lot of text, use easy to read fonts. Every font has a meaning of use, so do your research about fonts.

And that is my contribution for making better apps. I hope this will get you started in improving your app graphics and give it that PLUS.

I will make another post about User Interface when I finish the third minigame of the app.

Proof I made it with Kodular:

More of my app images:

Captura de pantalla_20200228-160111

Captura de pantalla_20200228-160137

Happy Koding!


Nice app! Very entertaining too. I have bad memory so I’m breaking bulbs constantly! :laughing:
One suggestion: Add some light background music, something not annoying or loud. It will give your app a better “feel” while playing.


Thanks for the feedback!

I usually don’t put background music because generally people is listening to their own music when they are on the phone. Maybe I will put an On/Off music button, but I will put sounds when you pass a round and when you pass your personal best score.

I still will be adding more fun mechanics and minigames.


Congratulations my friend. I’m looking for an easy graphic program to create my images. Do you have any advice?



I use Adobe Illustrator for making the images. But if you want a free program, you can go for InkScape, it has a little learning curve, but it is totally worth it if you don’t have money to spend. There are also programs like Affinity Designer that is a One-Time payment and it is not THAT expensive.

If you want an easy and free one, you can search for SUMO in google. It is not great, but it can do the work if you are patient.

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Also Inkscape, which is kinda like Illustrator but totally free.


Thanks for answer

How many rounds do you have? Look :point_down:

I got the highest score (Rounds completed) as 2222 :sunglasses:. And I can go forever like this breaking all the records that still don’t exist. :laughing: :laughing:

There is a major bug in your game @mayoiha which will let users to create the the high scores as per their wish.
I used the word ‘major’ because this bug is putting down the overall goal/importance of this game

The bug is ----> After getting the sequence right, if we continue to tap on the last correct bulb, the ‘Rounds completed’ count keeps on increasing leading to desired high scores.

The bug looks simple but has major negative game result . Solve it as early as possible.

I am leaving a video below of steps to reproduce the bug.

A Typical Tester’s Job done! :sunglasses:

Good luck with your game. And yes of-course a Nice Game :smiley:


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

I’m going to fix it in this moment so it won’t happen again.


Nice UI ,
Im currently working on a quiz app and if you find how add google learderboard to your app please share it here thank you

Great colors, using rounded colored buttons instead of pngs is really nice idea. Gonna use color palette in my next app absolutely. Thanks mate.

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How did you make this game can you say

In what way??? The coding or the UI