My IP is blocked (I think)

Okay so after 14 days of frustration here is what I have found in my account,
I opened this topic 14 days ago Is Companion working Fine at this time? and waited a lot in hope that somebody might notice and help BUT NO !

When I use Companion and Builder with my original IP The companion never connects,
The app that I build do not load airtable, does not even show that message that says - your app has not been approved to show ads from kodular.

So, I connected a VPN to check whether there is an issue, and wow companion started connecting, that error msg came back and airtable loaded successfully.

Now I want to ask @Diego @Hossein and other Kodular Staff that if you have really BLOCKED MY IP or my account then at least inform me the issue, what is this happening ? Really disappointed with your behaviour, like seriously 14 days and not a single person from kodular staff came ahead to address the issue.

How much patience do you want in a person ?

We haven’t blocked any IP addresses…

what is the problem then ? can you look into this matter, when I connect to a VPN everything works fine, but not with my original IP

And why should this be a problem exclusively for Kodular? Why couldn’t it be, for example, from your ISP? :thinking:

what problem can this be ? can you elaborate ? coz i dont think so, your views are most welcome, I just want this issue to be gone

i mean look, the builder loads fine, community loads fine, just companion connects only when using VPN and my app works only while using VPN, I asked one of my friend with same ISP to check app is working or not, and everything worked fine, how can it be an ISP issue ?

Well Kodular Creator runs on Google Cloud Platform, it could be a Google problem

Maybe your ISP could be temporarily blocking Kodular Rendezvous (Connection between Creator and Companion)

I can’t guarantee anything, I don’t know how Kodular works internally, but what I do know is that there are infinite variables of why you have this problem


what should I do now, i have to connect to a vpn everytime i want to live test the app, and after connecting vpn, internet speed goes 10x slower