My kodular ad is not showing

the ad request was succesful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory

When I download my application as apk, it gives such an error. But, My ads appear when I run the kodular as a creator

about my application ;

1- I am not running the application in test mode

2- I do not think my application is insufficient because; 12 pages - 1000+ labels - there are dozens of buttons.

3- My application is an information application.

and why only apk gives this problem ?

There are lot of possible reasons for this issue
1.Temporary ad serving limit placed on your admob account
2.This may happen particularly if you have just registered your AdMob publisher ID, as it takes some time and multiple requests before the new ID starts returning ads

First of all use test ads to check whether your coding is correct or not.
I hope it will help you :blush:

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Your app is not interesting enough for companies to post their ads in it.

what else can I do ? this is an information application has 12 pages. If I add more pages, the kodular won’t allow. Admob won’t advertise if I don’t add it. This is ridiculous. And Test ads are okay and advertising to a simple QR reader but not to it? and When I entered the apk this morning, it showed 1 or 2 of the ads, but when I wanted to look again, it didn’t. For example, when I try 10 times, it shows 1 time. and I created and added my admob unit IDs last night

You need more daily active users.

If you were going to place an advert would you do it in a national newspaper or a magazine that hardly anyone reads?

Admob is the same. Companies pay Admob to advertise for them.

You need an app that is regularly used before they will show ads on it.

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If I put my app in the play store, will the problem be solved?

The problem should be solved once enough people use it on a daily basis.

thank you man