#My_Kodular_Journey Reply your Kodular Journey

Hey, Guys! How’s Going.

So here is my try to start a new trend to tell the newbies that how great applications you can build with Kodular.

Its been exact 3 years since I Used Kodular Last time.
So here, here I m going to share my Kodular journey from 2017 - 2020.
So lets start with my Kodular Dashobard

So of my Greatest Applications

SavePOS - I current dont have a Time to make a full intro post on it but you can get its first lookup in this post : Custom View Content PDF Print this is a part of SavePOS as i said it is a pretty big app, and possibly it can be the Kodular’s biggest app ever built the portion that is shown in the post is just an 1/10 of the App, it is basically the Clone Vyapar and its an POS management system that help’s small and medium business to manage their business through it.

Audio Book : Audio Book App with Admin Panel

Other Applications : EcommerceX , GroccerX, TazaShop, Sharilibas and many more.

So, its was my Kodular Journey.
So know its your turn, tell the world your Kodular journey.