My Kodular throws a 400 error

I use Google account to login Creator the website remembered me and works fine every time but recently (just 1 day ago) when I want to check my project’s monetised status but can not access my account? It shows : Bad request (400). I don’t know what to do now and I just wait for it to be OK again.
Does anyone else also facing the same problems with me?

Working for me. Please check back again and see if it still happens

Hm, this is strange. Please, let’s wait for Kodular staff to investigate this.

Also, it is:


Here are some things to try:

  • Another browser
  • Try to connect with your phone
  • Try to connect while on Mobile data
  • Try hard-reloading the page
  • Try clearing cache and cookies
  • Try using a VPN while connecting to

Also, to help the staff find a solution, please answer the following:

  • What browser are you using?

I faced that too before but after a few days it turns normal. IDK why.
Try as well

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Thanks. I’m using the latest Chrome (I always update it almost every week) on MacBook Air. I just check it is the same problem. I’ll try the other things later.

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My account has also been opened with this link But when I open my kodular from my mobile Same again bad request 400 Arriving

I think that is a common problem for Kodular. I still facing the same problem on and off especially after I submitted an app for monetised approval. It seems like the team taking too long to look into our apps. Or perhaps they even missed/over look on my submission. Right now I got an app for approval and is over 15 days… still under review.