My Meditation (Beta 0.7) released. Please critique without reservation

What is the name of your app? My Meditation (FREE app)

Describe your app: This is a very effective meditation technique passed down in a 1,700 year lineage. It incorporates both physical and spiritual benefits, because it improved circulation via acupressure points stimulation, a Chinese technique.

If you are seeking inspiration, intuition, or spirituality, try this for 15 to 20 minutes each day, you will witness yourself its effectiveness.

It is also a customisable meditation app suitable for all religion. We believe that great teachings are only pointers, and not the spiritual connection itself, which will only occur if we quiet our mind.


App Store/Download link: Download | Just Meditate

This is my first dab into Android. Please comment and critique without reservation. If you find this app helpful, and you are interested to make it more beneficial to the user, easier to use, or translate into another language and release it for FREE, just like what we intend to do. Please fill out our contact form on the website, or pm me.

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm.


Removed mail adres. Personal info like that is not allowed on the community. I changed the text to pm you.


Thanks. I have learned.


The only things I do not like are the buttons.
First, this is universal, add some spaces. It is really hugging the bottom of the screen, as looking at the screenshots

Second, the buttons are so pixelated.

Third, I dont like how these “buttons” are stretched

And lastly, I suppose you are using an image as a button (arrangement+label). Why? Why don’t you use the Button component?
Also, why are the buttons cut off?


Valid point. I did not like these buttons either. Let me work on the beautification. :slight_smile:


Why arent you using the Button component?

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Haha, Thank you for your caring. I appreciate it. I have tried, but it did not sastify me. The “round” is not round enough. The elliptical is too elliptical. That’s why I created all these button png, trying to make them prettier.

If you know a way that I can change the look of these button types, please teach me. Thanks.

BTW, I have uploaded the latest, prettier, apk. Please take a look and comment. Thanks.

I suggest Kodular to add a round amount property to buttons. I wanted to post this in #feedback:iwant but idk why I never did.

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Yes, a round property and a triangular property can really help.

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No need when you can create round buttons with some tweaks in existing button properties :wink:

Set the button to an oval shape.

Set it’s height and width to 10% of screen width OR 10% of screen height. It’s important you use screen height OR screen length for BOTH width and height in a button’s bocks. This way the same number of pixels is used and a perfect circle is created.


Or you can set to Screen height.

You can of course use whatever percentage you want. In the above example I have used 10% which is 0.1 x Screen width.

Thank you Vaibhav and deanart2012 for your input. I tried, but it can not achieve a very standard button, which I use majority of the time. Is there a way that we can achieve it?

button_gray - 50 button_lavander

If you’re looking for the kind of button in your picture then I would use Card View and put a label inside it with the text you want to be shown. Set the corner radius to 20 (or experiment with it). Set Card view to Full Clickable.

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I should also mention, the Card View Height should be approximately 10% of its width for best results.

You can use Card View as Button. You can achieve what you want. easily.

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Thank all so much for your continual support.