My new app Cuber!

Hey guys, I just uploaded my app Cuber to the play store. Check it out!

Its just a little game, nothing out of this world but I had fun making it and was a great way to learn. It is fun to play too and i’ve added a few different cubes you can get.
The aim is to guide the cube to the other end without letting the white balls touch it and on the way just make sure to pick up the yellow ball. Its a simple game that gets quite difficult as you go through the rounds.

Please let me know of any problems, i appreciate any comments! Thank you!

The app is currently of the play store but should be back soon!

A few information about your app might have been useful like some screenshots,any extensions if you used, the challenges you faced, etc.

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Good job @Saezy. I installed it, the game is pretty nice. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestions!

This actually sounds like a great idea and im definitely going to be doing it!

Is it normal for users at round 3 to get triggered, keep the good work up, it’s great and quite addicting!


Really thanks man! and yeah xD i almost broke my phone playing it!

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This actually reminds me of a game called Xperiment SB16 (or something. don’t remember the last part of the name) that I used to play on my mother’s phone a few years back. Sadly, the game seems to have vanished from the internet.

app link is not working change it

Yeh, it has been removed, sorry about that.
I’ll be putting it up again soon.