My new App Magic Music

I present to you my latest App created I would like your opinion

Lite version features
:heavy_check_mark: Valid forever without monthly fees :heavy_check_mark: Scheduled interruptions :heavy_check_mark: Voice commands :heavy_check_mark: Radio stations :heavy_check_mark: Add to favorites :heavy_check_mark: Remove from favorites :heavy_check_mark: Easy connection to Bluetooth device :heavy_check_mark: Dark mode Jukebox 2.0 :musical_note: Tracks: Millions of songs being updated - Also present Top 50 of the moment - The songs are accompanied by the relative video. :woman: User: Allows users to set their own profile and share their music with others. …



Maybe post some screenshots here and tell what your app does.

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Ok i insert screenshot and english text

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this application make with kodular

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Yes is build with Kodular

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amazing design great work

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Thanks is 50% native and 50% php - Mysql

did you use any extensions?
if yes, please credit the extension developers…

how did you solve the problem after your app has been moved to the background or after the screen goes into sleep?



The player extension HLS Video Player Extension - Said-Dev - at the beginning I used exo player and the player kept playing even in the Background … the application is active with keep on screen active … but you didn’t say what do you think about the app

Well done,Franco
È proprio bella questa app.
Complimenti .

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Grazie Marco italiano anche tu


Great design @verbatim814

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Such a Great UI​:heart_eyes:

thanks …

Thanks in the PRO version I used your background video extension which makes my application very elegant

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The size of your app appears to be 18 MB in the Google Play Store. Can an application of this size be designed using Kodular?

Yes, Kodular apk size 32MB…

With some work you can have 100MB

Thank you. :pray: