My New Free DynamicView Extension

Ok @varsha

this extension have image image cache
Please reply


if I initialize with a CardDesign and then add an editable label, is it possible to adapt the height of the CardDesign based on the length of the label?

moreover, if I add an OffLineImages in the CardDesign, how can I create events by clicking on the Image?

show me ur block screen shot or aia

u have to use this block for image click event
offine image

yes, i saw this event. For example if I click on the image and I want the image to change I do not find the possibility to do it with the components of the extension

Can u show me ur block what u want to archive …

Understand that if you click on your image, then what should happen to you, should the image change and another image should show or something else.

when I click on the image I would like the image to go from like.png to like_nero.png


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have u try this block u can archive from this block