My New Free DynamicView Extension

hi every one here is my new Dynamic View Create Extensions… from this extensions u can create 12 widget component dynamicaly for example , button, textview, edittex, slider, rating bar, image, online image,toogle, radio button,checkbox,swtich,progress bar with more custom property … now u can desgin layout 6 types of cardviews… and each widget Having its own click event Block

Event Block

Initialise Block

initialse block
I d-
set layout id

card type -

set card block with new 5 desgin
start and color
now u can set layout gradient with satrt and end color

cornor radius
set cornor radius of card

set border width of layout

set color of layout border

set the any color orientation of layout
color orientaion
u can set true or false click on layout with click event block

Width and Hieght
u can set width and hieght of layout

X and Y
u can set position of view in layout from x u can set view in horizontally position
and from y u can set view in Vertically position in layout

AddView Block


here u can set which widget u wnt to create dynamically like button etc

here u have to give id of layout so u can add view in that layout

Now i added 12 property block



Thanks to @Shreyash for his super Rush .&
**thanks to @sumit1334 **
Suggestion and issue are welcome

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Thank You All


Could you show us some screenshots of the result? Keep Koding :+1:

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Please add some pictures


Great extension, I will try it out today :slight_smile:

image New word? :crazy_face:

I’ve now tried it and it works great :+1:
But I don’t manage to add a cardview with Radio Buttons inside, with amount of RB is based on the length of a list.

I only get all buttons and text on same spot. Any idea how I can do this?

Latest blocks I’ve tried:


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thank you for your contribution…
please don’t forget to follow the naming conventions…

addView → AddView, also I’m not sure, if I understand all sockets… what is checked2?
Color_BottomLeftTopRight → ColorBottomLeftTopRight, same for the other Color methods
Initialize method: VArrangement → vArrangement, cardtype → cardType


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from this block u can add all radio btn in one cardview

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Thanks. The first answer you gave I knew how to do, but that’s not what I wanted, I wanted as the second post you gave :muscle::+1:

I want them horizontal, but I think I have an idea now on how to do so, if not I know where to find you :see_no_evil: haha

Again, thanks for a super extension and help :ok_hand:

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if u want horizontal then use X index


I have a another issue.

What I’m trying to do is

  • I have a list with categories of groceries.
  • I never know what or how many categories is going to show, as it first will check the list of categories if they are in the shoppinglist.
  • The categories that are in shoppinglist will show.

The reason I want it like this is because when I’m in store I want to be able to ONLY show the categories I have in shoppinglist so I can sort by categories by hitting the Radio Button I choose.

I have it this way atm in my app, but I’ve made everything manually, not Dynamic. Today I started making it dynamic, so I could reduce the blocks and components.

Here is how it looks atm in my app:

This is how I sort them:

Here I have made this with 3 VA and lots of blocks - When I then came across your extension earlier today I was hoping I could make this with only 1 VA and less blocks by using your extension.

Any idea if I’m able to achieve this with your extension?

btw: Is it possible to make arrangements width Fill Parent? I tried -2 but it didn’t work.

just try -1 or -2

I guess the width is based on % and not px? I tried to use 100 and it worked :wink:

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yes ur right it is %

Instead of this why don’t you try with Grid view using Dyna comp extension, so that blocks can be reduced to something less…

I tried a few weeks ago, but stopped as it stopped me from further progress with app, since I didn’t get the result I wanted and used so many hours searching for a solution. So therefor I just did it the manually way :crazy_face:

pls can u tel me exactly what u wnt to archive?

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As you can see in the picture I posted it shows 1 list with every category I atm have (there might be more later).
That list is split into 3 lists and put into 3xVA as you can see in blocks image.

I also have a shoppinglist underneath those RadioButtons(Categories)

See picture


When I click ex. category Frukt(Fruit) I want my shoppinglist to ONLY show groceries that have the category Fruit.
Ex. Banana, Apple etc. but not toothpaste, toiletpaper, shampoo etc.

This is something I already have like you can see in the blocks image I posted.

But I want to achieve this with your extension. How do I split 1 list into 3 to show in 1 cardview (like the picture I posted:

1st of all how u are adding list from textbox or something else? if ur adding list from text box then u have to use tinydb and store or add list in difrent tag and selet difrent categary which u wnt to save the list of items and after that u can click on radio btn u will get selected tag list

Hello @varsha ,
I have a doubt. Sorry for ask this. We can Do all these using dynamic Components isn’t it?

Yes u can do but u have to use some paid or free extension for this in my extensions u can archive with less block I m going to update more features very soon