My new Instagram follow 4 follow app beta testing

I want some people to beta test the app and provide proper review…That would be really helpful for me…
Folico.apk (7.6 MB)


Please add some screenshots of your app.

I finished creating the account, and when I went to another screen I got this error.

@Victor_Ken can you once close the app and open it again and tell me if still you are getting the error?

Yes, even when restarting the phone the error still continues.

@Victor_Ken can you download the app and try again? i have made some changes

M not get the error broo

I think ur using my extension :sweat_smile: unlock key @kishore

i also didnt got it still for him i made some changes

yes i did thank you for the extension…but how did you knew?

Because of the error…this extension works in blw android 6 broo…ur using the latest v2 extension or old one?

i am giving all some coins who are registering now for the beta testing…you can create a campaign

i think the latest version

Check it again… @kishore & what version of ur android broo @Victor_Ken ??

will this code ever get expired or the extension will ever get discontinued?

@hemantadahalofficial i was using version one now i am using version 2

@hemantadahalofficial so what do you think about the app and have you found any error or bug that requires attention?

Na m not test full app broo working fine

No broo…its not

Please can some other user’s test my app for beta testing?

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