My new paid extension AddCart Animation

Hey Everyone,
Here is my new paid extension that you can use to create AddCart for your app

IND 200/-


Nice extension

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where did you find the images…

Good work :+1:

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can I use it with the image created with dynamic component

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Yes u can use it

cant we make the same thing with repositioning tools and this -

Possible :heart_eyes: Good alternative stuff

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U can’t make …

we can use repositioning tools for dragging and it will detect if component is touching the cart view it will change x and y back to normal and increase the item using badgeview

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blocks (5)

i know your extension is much easier but this can be a workaround?

This extension does not have dragable feature only on click … but this extensions automatically geolocation of cart position so u can set cart any very on the screen and when u click on items item will get location automatically… so u don’t want to set position of cart each items here u will get automatically

Great :ok_hand:

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nice extension :grin:

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very good extension … although I already tried it with relative positioning component … and the result is the same

can you share the example…your example can be helpfull to other people if result is same


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Nice Extension