My New { Paid } Folding Layout Extensions

hi… I am launching an new extension today Folding Layout. This extension helps you to Fold Layout Vertically

Add exactly two child elements to your main layout. The first child ( second layout view ) always represents the unfolded state layout and the second child ( third layout view ) represents folded state layout. Of course, those layouts can contain any number of child elements and they can be any complexity, but to work correctly, u have to set second layout view height must be at least 2x times greater than third layout view height , and the height of each of those layouts must be set to “wrap_content”`

thanks to sumit kumar

**block **

IND (Indian Rupee) ₹ 200/-
USD 4 /-


And in Euros or Dollars?

Indian Rupee ₹

I don’t ask what it is, i know that. I want to know the price in euros and dollars. This is an international community not just an Indian.

@Peter maybe 2.27 Euro