My Pangea Web Browser in Google Play

I just added to Google. Play my browser Pangea Web Browser. You can sign up for Google Play and you will receive a notification that the application has been fully published. It works in all countries. Application languages ​​for English and Polish. Please install and rate. The premiere will take place on July 1, 2019. The premiere has been postponed due to errors in the AdMob extension.
Big thanks to @Abhijith_Dominic for sharing my app update extension.
PROMOTION: If you register in the app and use it on the day of release, you’ll receive a promotional code for use on Google Play during the week. Thanks to this code, you will be able to activate the Pangea Web Browser version for free without advertising. In addition, every ten new users will be drawn and given three codes to the free version without ads!
Link to pre-registration on Google Play:

Register now in Google Play


Upload some screenshot here and your app is good

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