My Project Blocks not showing up

The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 4781953427439616_Oyna will not be saved.

Bu hatayı alıyorum ne yapabilirim.?
TabuFamily.aia (193.4 KB)

Try this one

TabuFamily_1.aia (193.3 KB)

Bunu nasıl yaptınız.? Harika iş.
Neden bu problemi yaşadığım hakkında fikir verebilirmisiniz.?

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Opened archive/aia with 7zip, edited Oyna.bky file with notepad++, removed open another screen block. Saved file, saved aia

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thank you so much

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Or without delinting anything for the effected screen, just change ya-version and language-version to latest

At the bottom of the page

ya-version="241" language-version="34"

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give screen shot plz.i can not find that option

thanks for quick reply.after all I solved my problem

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