My project is being rejected what is happening?

why is my application being rejected? The same application has already been approved just because I changed the name of the package I’m experiencing this humiliation.!I have already sent the version several times to be approved with all the necessary changes. Absurd! id= com.appybuilder.cesaraugustoofc.GrandesPensadores

What’s your app about?

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application of short phrases of reflection and inspiration that are on the internet allocated in the application.

If you think your app was rejected incorrectly, you are allowed to submit it again. Please make sure that your app adheres to our guidelines and your request is submitted in English.

Yes same here without any reason.What is up with you kodular ?

@Mohamed_Tamer :thinking:
I am also facing the same problem

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Kodular broken :broken_heart: :broken_heart:

My application news application contains rss feed
Is this the reason?
I think it is necessary and very useful to write the reason for rejecting the application so that we can solve the problem and amend the matter

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True If it clearly pointed at the problem it would have been way better


I think so, the pointing reason is important

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Ok, I advertise are rejected