My project won't open

I went to open my project today and now it won’t open. I had made a backup before I went to sleep (it was working fine last night), but now that won’t open either? (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'Yg' of undefined

If I remember correctly, you are missing an extension or something similar…


There were no errors in the project when I saved it last night, it built successfully and everything, but I will check the AIA to be sure!

This is usually the case, I checked some old post with equivalent error message and it was extension issue…

Btw, what kind of browser do you use

You have saved me @Boban! It was related to this post on the App Inventor community. It was packaging assets incorrectly I assume from below?

All I did was removed the files and folders that did not contain or start with an extension package name and rezipped it as an AIA.

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Glad to hear you solved it but which extension was the one that saved the files there, your own ir…

I was trying to use @UsesAssets and obviously it turned out to be a disaster.

But for some reason it didn’t show the issues while editing the project?

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Probably because everything is loaded in memory at the time.


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