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Qr Code Scanner and Reader

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Hello everyone
QR & Barcode Scanner app is the fastest QR code scanner / bar code scanner out there. QR & Barcode Scanner is an essential QR reader for every Android device.

QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code reader is extremely easy to use; with quick scan built in simply point QR code scanner free app to QR or barcode you want to scan and QR scanner will automatically start scanning and QR scan it. No need to press any buttons, take photos or adjust zoom as barcode reader works automatically.

QR & Barcode Scanner can scan and read all QR codes / barcode types including text, url, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many more formats. After scan and automatic decoding user is provided with only the relevant options for individual QR or Barcode type and can take appropriate action. You can even use QR & Barcode Scanner to scan coupons / coupon codes to receive discounts and save some money.


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Special Thanks to Kodular UI UX

What do you think would attract users to download your app?
There are no screenshot here and also in playstore you have uploaded your apps icon instead of your app’s screenshots

When you use an extension which not supported or updated properly, this :point_down: happens

  1. The marked sentence in below image isn’t clear at all. What do you want to say exactly. There are several spelling mistakes

  2. I don’t know much about Ads, but it shouldn’t be test ad right as it’s on Playstore already.
    BTW, that ad is ruining the whole UI

  1. The Light function doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t Switch ON or Switch OFF my device’s light

  2. The Ads placement is poor according to me because when user interacts with something, he/she expects related action to occur. But your app shows a full-screen Ad instead.

  3. When user taps back button from a screen other then the first screen, he/she should be navigate to previous screen. Instead your app navigates user back to splash screen and app starts all over again when user goes back from QR code generator screen

Video for 4th and 5 th point :point_down:

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We are really sorry for that , We will update it soon ! Thanks for your Review you are a good man as some people just say it good only then not even tell about app what are the mistakes . Thanks !

Team Ak Apps

People pointing out mistakes help more than saying “Great App”

Also you should change “Ex:-” to “Example:” as it looks bad

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it does what it wants to do, but needs some work a lot of the menus don’t work or give errors and I’d say work on your store presentation it’s the main cause of attention to the app…

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This Is Not Your Own App But You Need To AtLeast Customize It Before Google Play Rejection Try To Make Own Them

I am not pointing out mistakes. I am just pointing out the areas where the app can be improved.
It depends on individual how he/she consider this

Some are mistakes though, like spelling mistakes


We are working on our app this is In Progress so pls wait

@Aarya_Choudhary1 Me and Kodular UI UX have created this app

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@rizu Thanks for giving support ! We are thankful that you are supporting it ! Thanks for Motivate me !

Yes i Also Said It’s UI UX Aia :sweat_smile:

I wish you good luck…