My quiz app spreadsheet is not storing data

My quiz app spreadsheet is not storing data,if i write it shows in collinlist but its not saving autometically

please sugest me what is the prob with blocks

how did you get your row number

i made this by watching youtube video…so pl sugeestme what to do?

did you first searched the community about this issue?
check if there is any cell empty in your airtable

If you are using airtable see here

No , all the air table field are filled. Those basic mistakes u have crosscheked problems is what

App is runnig good on play store .I updated to login signup page n tested it also work .But on leader board page …Score not update because spread sheet not getting deta.if i manuallly add some score in spreadsheet it shows on leader some how spread sheet is not getting data.

test your app in companion and try to use “Do it” function in your blocks section.
only use this “Do it” on the block which you think is not working
You will find this “Do it” when you right click on a block

not working for mee…can someone help me

Most probably you do not get correct row number. How do you set global row variable , can you show us your blocks

i made all the blocks same as this url.only my quiz page is little bit diffrennn

i made one sign up page
one log in page that contain one spread sheet
one home page cotain firebase databse
one leader board contain two spread shet one named “score” and another named “Name”
one quiz page conatin one spread sheet named store

So according to this guide that you followed for each player score and airtable row are saved to firebase and get row value is called from firebase. Am I correct ?

yes… i just follow this website and vidweo .design is little diffrent

now if i manually add some name and score in spreadshhet named score,then it shows score ane rank in leaderboard collin treee but when i tried to make apk and plaed quiz by using my differnt email the score is not save in spreadsheet and also not show on leaderboard

So most probably you are not getting values from firebase. Try to debug with do it and see if global row recieves correct value from firebase

on which block i have to use do it bcoz i am not professional coder. guide me little,

most of the block have disbale to do it

For testing purposes add a label in your design and then set label text to get global row and see the value that you get from firebase

it shows globle row 0

In your firebase row value for that player is different ? or 0 ? If is different you are not getting values, if it is 0 then you are not storing correct value when row created in airtable the first time. Check your firebase

dnt kno much about firebase just crated acc and used

all my emailids used to check.what high scor i make is show n my home page but my not show on leader board page